Many-body localization with random interactions

February 2017: A theoretical investigation by UJ has demonstrated that not only random potentials but also random interactions can give rise to MBL. The study focused on ultracold bosons in one-dimensional lattices under interactions that are random from site to site (distributed uniformly between 0 and U). Contrary to previously studied models that show Anderson localization in the non-interacting limit, this type of system is “inherently many-body” as randomness comes on the interaction level, while the single-particle physics is described by extended Bloch eigenstates. Evidence for MBL comes either from the non-ergodic behavior of the system when prepared in excited states or from the statistics of eigenvalues.

P. Sierant, D. Delande, and J. Zakrzewski, Many-body localization due to random interactions, Phys. Rev. A 95, 021601(R) (2017).

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