Scattering of bright solitons by disorder

April 2016: The CNRS group is studying experimentally an intriguing aspect of one-dimensional transport, namely that of bright solitons in attractive-interacting bosonic 1D gases. The soliton size has been precisely characterized as a function of the scattering length through three-body losses. Close to the collapse threshold, the solitons are shown to be strongly bound.

The team has studied for the first time the propagation of solitons along a waveguide in the presence of disordered optical potentials. The two-peak probability distribution of reflection reveals the collective behavior of the solitons.

S. Lepoutre, L. Fouché, A. Boissé, G. Berthet, G. Salomon, A. Aspect, and T. Bourdel, “Production of strongly bound 39K bright solitons”, Phys. Rev. A 94, 053626 (2016).
A. Boissé, S. Lepoutre, G. Berthet, A. Aspect, and T. Bourdel, “Non-linear scattering of bright solitons in disorder”, EPL 117, 10007 (2017).

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