QUIC plenary meeting

April 20-21, 2017:    First plenary meeting of all QUIC partners in Firenze, Italy

More than 40 people from QUIC have participated to the meeting, with all the nodes well represented. The meeting has been a success: it has effectively allowed the presentation of the latest results by the consortium, the discussion of new ideas and the creation of new collaborations among the partners. Most the presentations have been given by post-docs or PhD students.

New or particularly relevant research directions in QUIC that have emerged during the meeting are: Topological materials, Quantum liquid droplets, Time-dependent potentials, Dipolar quantum systems, Superfluid transitions in shallow lattices, Supersolidity.

Scientific program

Thursday 20
11.15 Giovanni Modugno Welcome and introduction
11.30 Maciej Lewenstein ICFO Weyl semi-metals – can we do something with atoms?
12.00 Frederik Görg ETHZ Controlling the Floquet state population and engineering unconventional Hubbard terms in periodically driven two-body systems
12.30 Jakub Zakrzewski UJ – Krakow Time-crystal built from excited eigenstates
14.30 Thomas Bourdel CNRS Nonlinear scattering of a bright soliton in disorder
15.00 Mariusz Gajda UJ – Warsaw Few body systems in single shot pictures
15.30 Tom Beinemè Trento Spin-dipole oscillation of a finite temperature Bose-Bose mixture
16.30 Leticia Tarruel ICFO Quantum droplets in attractive Bose-Bose mixtures
17.00 Giulia Semeghini LENS Self-bound droplets in a Bose-Bose mixture of ultracold atoms
17.30 Morgan Mitchell ICFO Detection, production, and structuring of entanglement in atomic ensembles by quantum non-demolition measurement
18.00 Visit to the laboratories
Friday 21
10.00 Laura Corman ETHZ Thermoelectric transport through an atomic quantum point contact (and further projects)
10.30 Przemyslaw Grzybowski ICFO Separated-lattices Fermi Hubbard model with strong correlated hopping
11.30 Laurent Sanchez-Palencia CNRS Quantum phase transitions in one-dimensional systems
12.00 Francesco Scazza LENS Dynamics of strongly correlated Fermi gases
12.30 Chunlei Qu Trento Rotational properties and expansion dynamics of spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensate
14.30 Fernando Iemini LENS – SNS Majorana quasi-particles protected by Z2 angular momentum conservation
15.00 Eleonora Lucioni LENS Towards low dimensional dipolar systems with Dy atoms
15.30 Alexandre Dauphin ICFO Detection of Zak phases and topological invariants in a chiral quantum walk of twisted photons
16.30 Open discussion on the new ideas and collaborations

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