Objectives & Structure

The main specific objectives of QUIC are the quantitative understanding of the following fundamental problems:

1) Anderson localization for non-interacting disordered systems from two to three dimensions. Our focus will be on the critical properties of the Anderson transitions.
2) Many-body localization in presence of disorder and interactions, for which we will study transport and thermalization properties.
3) Quantum transport in low dimensions for bosons and fermions, with a quantitative simulations of transport coefficients.
4) Superfluid-insulator transitions in presence of disorder. The focus will be on the critical properties: e.g. disorder and interaction strengths, critical exponents.
5) Topological insulators of the Haldane type, aiming at a quantitative study of the topological phase diagram, and detection of edge states.
6) Exploration of the supersolid behavior of the superstripes phase in spin-orbit coupled bosons.

In addition, we will design new strategies for quantum simulations with ultracold atoms:

7) Quantum synthesis approach to exotic many-body states;
8) Generation and detection of Majorana fermions and spin glasses.


The project is based on three research Work-Packages, plus a fourth WP devoted to management and communication activities.

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