WP3 Topological insulators and exotic phases

Lead participant: ICFO

Objectives: Simulate the basic properties of topological insulators (topological phase diagram, edge states), and supersolids (superfluidity, crystalline order). At a later stage, explore their more complex properties in the presence of disorder and interactions, using the results and tools of WP1-2. Design strategies for quantum simulations of other exotic phases of matter. An overall goal is benchmarking the robustness of the edge-states conduction in topological insulators to disorder and perturbations.


  1. Topological insulators in hexagonal lattices: the Haldane model
  2. Topological/normal heterostructures: edge states
  3. Superstripes in spin-orbit coupled Bose-Einstein condensates
  4. Towards Majorana fermions and spin glasses

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