Self-bound liquid droplets in free space

March 2018. The LENS team observed the formation of liquid-like droplets in a quantum gas of ultracold atoms in free space. These atomic systems result to be confined on a finite volume even in the absence of any external potential, due to a self-binding mechanism coming from the competition of attractive and repulsive forces in... Continue Reading →

A new phase of matter: quantum liquid droplets

January and March 2018: In two recent papers published during the first trimester of 2018, the ICFO team has observed and studied for the first time a novel type of ultra-dilute quantum liquid that goes beyond the standard van der Waals paradigm. This liquid forms droplets: macroscopic clusters of ultra-cold atoms that are eight orders... Continue Reading →

As the atoms flow

July 2017: Borrowing a technique developed for mapping electrical conductance in semiconductor devices, QUIC physicists at ETH imaged cold neutral atoms as they are transported through constrictions narrow¬†enough for quantum effects to come into play. These results highlight the potential of using neutral atoms to simulate electronic transport in nanoscale devices. Through a series of... Continue Reading →

Mott transition in a shallow periodic potential

January 2016: A consortium between the CNRS and LENS groups and well as the ICFO group report the first quantitative determination of the superfluid to Mott insulator transition for strongly-interacting one-dimensional bosons in arbitrary weak periodic potentials. Theoretical calculations and direct experimental measurements are in excellent agreement and show a significant shift of the transition... Continue Reading →

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